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  • calebtheraconteur:


    holy mother of god

    Why would someone do this to their body? That glitter is gonna be in his pee pee hole, you just know it.

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  • jackteagle:

    Everything is going to be fine.

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  • starllex:

    when your mom is yelling at you to do more chores while you’re doing chores and you’re there like 


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  • crunchrapsupreme:

    literally the most important show you’ll ever watch

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  • millionfish:


    I had to do a dramatic reading of millionfish's amazing art.


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  • visitamitumblr:

    Diferentes formas de que se acabe el mundo

    Espero que sea la última


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  • cannabisfetish:

    My blog will get you stoned.

    I can hear this gif.

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    Lada Kravchenko

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